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Near Durlston copy.jpg


1. Send me photos that you’ve taken of your landscape, along with a description of what the landscape means to you.

2. I’ll then paint the view, combining my illustration with your writing.


As a thank you for being involved in the project, I’d also love to give every participant one of the paintings of their landscape. If you’d like to be involved but would prefer your submission to be anonymous, let me know in the email. 


Please do feel free to share this project with anyone who you think might find it interesting. Losing my dad has left a huge hole in my life - living with his absence doesn’t get any easier with time, but I have found that by being out in nature has been a comfort and a reminder of what life was like when he was around. 


There is undoubtedly a sense of sadness in landscapes like these, where a person’s absence can feel even more painful - but there’s also a bittersweet connection to and remembrance of them through place.


If you’d like to see more of my landscape work, visit my website at and follow me on Instagram @jessamydrewthat. 

If you are an artist, illustrator, or writer and you'd like to share a painting or writing of your own of griefscape, do get in touch.

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